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Hydroseeding & Erosion Control

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Hydroseeding is a quick and cost-effective method of applying grass seed and fertilizer to establish a new lawn. With consistent moisture, the seed will germinate in about a week depending on weather conditions, rapidly producing a lush lawn given proper maintenance.

Erosion Control

Erosion control is utilized to stabilize areas disturbed by grading operations, reduce loss of soil due to the action of water or wind, and prevent water pollution. Vegetation, such as grasses and wildflowers, and other materials, such as straw, fiber, stabilizing emulsion, protective blankets, etc., are applied to the ground surface.

Our extensive experience in applying various methods of erosion control allows us to provide the highest quality service and enables us to connect to resources that best meet your individual needs.

For more information, email us at or call (781) 318-7070. We can provide a detailed landscape installation estimate from your plans and specifications.

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Hydroseeding - HAVERHILL, MA
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Xquisite Landscaping in Stoughton, Massachusetts offers commercial and residential landscaping services: Hydroseeding & Erosion Control.
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