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1800 Washington Street
Stoughton, MA 02072
(781) 318-7070


President - David Romeiro
Vice President - Victor Romeiro
Estimating Department
Please forward all bids to
Sergio Espinola, Chief Estimator
Direct Line: 781-436-4216 
Sarah DaSilva, Senior Estimator
Direct Line: 781-436-4210
Jessica Schoaf, Estimator
Direct Line: 781-436-4224
Erica de Sousa, Estimator
Direct Line: 781-436-4231
Erica Pacific, Estimating Administrator
Direct Line: 781-436-4231
Project Management
Dacia (DJ) Krauthoff, Senior Project Manager
Direct Line: 781-436-4227
Gregg Ross, Project Manager
Direct Line: 781-436-4225
Dave Dest, Project Manager
Direct Line: 781-436-4229
Tien Le, Project Engineer
Direct Line: 781-426-4234
Emily McKeen, Project Coordinator
Direct Line: 781-426-4239 
Kevin Lindsay, Superintendent
Phone: 781-318-7070
Michael Smith, Superintendent
Direct Line: 781-436-4226
Shannon Kisil, Purchaser
Direct Line: 781-436-4217
Accounting/Human Resources
Michelle Medeiros, Controller/Human Resources
Direct Line: 781-436-4218
Trisha Fitzgerald, Accounts Manager
Direct Line: 781-436-4213
Vicki Howard, Accounts Payable Manager
Direct Line: 781-436-4223
Lisa Renzi, Administrative Assistant
Direct Line: 781-436-4220 


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1800 Washington St., Stoughton, MA 02072
Phone: (781) 318-7070

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